Course Info
This Trailer Towing Safety Program could save a life!  If you are towing a trailer for work or for a vacation, this driving safety video course is a must for you. The information contained in this driving safety video is presented in a concise, professional manner that will be easy for you to watch and understand. This is practical information that will help you remain safer on the road.

        What You Will Learn
  •  How to know if your vehicle has the capacity for trailer towing
  • How to secure the trailer to your tow vehicle 
  • Proper use of safety chains
  • Proper hook-up of electric brakes
  • The importance of proper balance when loading a trailer
  • Tips on backing up with a trailer
  • How to take extra care when pulling out and merging onto the interstate when
    trailer towing
  • How to negotiate the extra distance required when attempting to stop with a heavy trailer Different size receivers and balls
  • Tongue weight and towing capacity of your vehicle


        Verification of Training

At the end of the program, you will have access to a Trailer Towing Safety Video Questionnaire that features 17 questions to ensure that your retained the information from the course. Upon Successful completion of the questionnaire, you will receive access to a full-sized certificate, as well as a wallet-sized certificate as proof of your course completion.


Towing As Part of Your Job Description? Ecourage your employer to visit the site to create a corporate account where your training can be paid for and your employer
can receive bulk discounts for delivering training to multiple employees.




















 Top Ten Reasons To Buy The Trailer Towing Safety Program

1. Decrease Your Liability!!!!
Ensuring you know more anout the elements of towing a trailer safely protects you on the road.

2. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
It is critical to check minor details that may prevent major problems before you hit the road.

3. The Basics Can Prevent Accidents
Ensure your know how to properly distribute the weight in your trailer.

4. Avoid Collisions
Determine what kind of brakes your trailer has and how to properly stop.

5. Prevent Costly Mistakes
You will learn how to ensure the trailer does not break away from the tow vehicle.

6. Knowledge Is Power
It is important for you to know the components that make up a trailer and understand how to use those components.

7.  Battle The Elements 
Your will learn special precautions to take when it’s raining, snowing, or slippery.

8. Drive Safer
Stopping and passing with a trailer can be difficult. The program will teach you the basics of these two tasks.

9. Be In Control
You can take the program at your own pace and come back to it at any time.

10. Take A Load Off
Knowing the maximum load your trailer can carry is critical.  This program teaches you how to determine that maximum weight and why you need ths information.



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